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The Millionaire Sexpert

Dec 1, 2018

This episode is about my experience and education on being in Credit Card Debt twice in my life.

Sharing my money stories 

Giving tips to help you with Financial Health 

My opinion how Saving to Invest is most important for our Financial Health

Living in Abundance while embodying Financial Intelligence

Dec 1, 2018

A funny story when I was in High School studying Anatomy and Physiology in Health Careers.

As a junior in High School 11th grade. We had to do a working health project for the school science fair. I decided to feature "The Male Reproductive" 



Dec 1, 2018

Women's Empowerment Coach. Healer. Best selling author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again.
Goddess Diana believes that inside every Spirit there is a creative spark of genius.

Goddess Diana believes you are Powerful, feminine and worthy of respect and...

Nov 30, 2018

Uplevel and Class it up in the Erotic Industry. This world can be dangerous, its important to stay safe and pay extra to stay safe. Safety and our Time comes 1st... Receiving greenback gifts is second

Nov 30, 2018

When you are ready?

*to increase your financial thermostat

*Be a STAR

*Balance your emotions

*Reinvent your live& create a soul-aligned business

Monica guides woman leaders who experience a "dark night of soul" reclaim their power to heal & transmute their pain into gold.

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